Broad shoulders are feminine!! ❤️ #linebackershoulders

Broad shoulders are feminine!! ❤️ #linebackershoulders

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These are just general tips to balance out your outfit, always wear wh

I've always felt less petite than all the other girls!! But who's to s

Like can we stop referring to women's shoulders as linebacker shoulders when they are broad pls🥹 #linebackershoulders #girlproblems #sheisverygorgeoustome Girl problems , broad shoulders , girls with broad shoulders, Madeline Johnson

Replying to @S They arent bat wings they are your pretty arms🥺 #chubb, Linebacker Shoulders

I can't make this neckline work for me. I'm trying to figure out why? It makes my shoulders look like a linebacker. Does anyone else struggle with broad shoulders? : r/SoftDramatics

Madeline Johnson

PSA to all the girls with broad shoulders who got made fun of in highs, linebacker

Replying to @Libra Tings Has something similar ever happened to you? #

I used to hate my broad shoulders so much but they ARE feminine!! and

Which ones look thinner, narrow-shouldered or broad-shouldered girls? - Quora

Guys, do you like women with broad shoulders? - GirlsAskGuys

Olympic and UFC athletes slam cruel body-shamers who claim they are 'too manly

I'm a girl and I have wide shoulders. Why do I hate them so much? - Quora